Where is best to buy bitcoin?

Many kick themselves over either losing devices with bitcoin wallets on them, selling or spending their bitcoins or simply talking about investing instead of doing it. However, it’s not too late to starting making money from cryptocurrencies. There are now emerging new technologies, forked offshoots of the original bitcoin network building momentum and the value is still on the up.

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Why Purchase Bitcoins?

The trading price of bitcoin has been surging over the years. Compared to when it was first created, it has gone from $10 to $4000.

Bitcoin is a somewhat volatile currency that few can can predict with any certainty but while this keeps daytraders looking to buy and sell within a short period frustrated, one thing is certain. If you’d invested two to three years ago you’d be doing extremely well financially right now. It dances about daily but it’s nearly always on the up making it a good longer term investment.

How To Purchase Bitcoins?

There are two ways to get yourself bitcoins. You can build yourself an expensive computer and pucker up for some large electricity bills by using it to “mine” bitcoins, the resource heavy and very complex process of solving the cryptographic coding that keeps the bitcoin network running. This obviously isn’t a viable option for most people, so the best method is to just buy them. Buying bitcoins used to be very complicated affair due to the inability to use Visa cards and most payment methods. It was a case of contacting owners, using escrow services, bank transfers, trust and generally a good deal of hassle. This is no longer the case as you can now purchase from reputable services like coindesk.

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Get $10 Bitcoins Free Using Our Guide Below

Along with being fans and discerning users of the Coinbase.com service, we are partnered with them to offer an account opening offer using our guide below. Use the link provided below to register with coinbase and receive your $10 cashback. This is a great way to start your bitcoin usage or investment journey. Think about it like this, if you received $10 worth of bitcoin five years ago it would be worth over $4000 today! 

Step 1 – Register With Coinbase

Click here to open the secure coinbase.com

Coinbase.com has a standard registration process which requires you to provide the usual details you would when registering a financial service online. Based in San Fransisco Coinbase is the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange and backed by respected investors. Your data is safe with them so be at ease when giving info to them.

Step 2 – Secure Your Account

Coinbase are very hot on security. VERY hot on it. You will need to have 2 factor authorisation, new devices will need to be confirmed as valid by email and you will need to provide the same ID required to open a bank account. Passport or driving license with your address are usually required due to make sure you can be identified in the case of lost details and value of the currency you can potentially hold with coinbase.com.

Step 3 – Purchase Bitcoins and Receive $10 Bonus

Finally, you will just need to load $100 of currency to your verified secure bitcoin wallet with Coinbase.com to receive an extra $10 worth of the cryptocurrency that will likely grow beyond its purchase trading price within weeks. Start as you mean to go on with cryptocurrencies, in the black and your investment growing. Be aware that it does fluctuate quite wildly on a day and week basis but the overall trending is up and up.